Landlord Required Coverage

More Apartment owners are requiring their tenants to acquire renters insurance. Especially larger multi-unit operations that require property management. Let help you with securing coverage for your tenants. We can work with you to help provide them with coverage that will actually benefit them in the event of a claim. For less than $20 per month we can put together a comprehensive policy that will give both you and your tenant’s peace of mind if the worst should happen. We are also able to create a separate web page and brand your business with its own content. The idea is to simplify the process and make it easier for your tenants to purchase coverage. Loss of income is the biggest coverage available to you in the event of a claim. Don’t be left trying to get rental income from your tenant or worse being dragged into a liability claim due to the negligence of your tenants. A low cost renter’s policy for your tenants can alleviate those fears. Call us today to help put this service in place.

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