Apartment owners insurance typically covers the following items:

Building/Property Coverage: Many times we see carriers claiming low rates when they are merely underinsuring the building itself. Let us perform a building valuation for your property to be sure its adequately covered.

Business Income: One of the most important coverage’s a landlord or apartment owner policy contains. Our policies include up to 18 months of ALS or Actual loss sustained. Most of our competitors are offering only up to 12 months of coverage.

Building Ordinance and Law: Often overlooked coverage for owners of apartments and multifamily unit owners.


Three separate coverages are provided with this endorsement:

  • Coverage A: Covers loss in value of the undamaged portion of the Building due to demolition pursuant to a building ordinance or law.
  • Coverage B: Covers the cost of demolition and removing of debris of the undamaged portion of the building if demolition is required by building ordinance law.
  • Coverage C: Covers the increased cost to repair, reconstruct of remodel damaged or undamaged parts of the building to comply with a building ordinance or law.

Equipment Breakdown: Very important for large complexes and industrial park and strip mall type risks which may have Air Conditioning units, boilers, and other similar items.

Debris Removal: the cost of debris removal can be exorbitant and is often left off apartment owners policies.

Pollution – limited coverage for extracting pollutants from land and water

Liability Protection: One of the most critical components of any landlord type policy. Apartment owners carry tons of potential liability exposures. Having proper coverage can save you from financial disaster. For more protection consider an umbrella policy.

Umbrella Insurance: A large award could be the difference between losing some or all of your assets. Additional layers of liability protection can be a very inexpensive proposition which would help mitigate any large liability awards. Today the courts are full of fraudulent cases where tenants are trying to get money from their landlords. Protect your assets today with an umbrella policy.

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