Apartment Insurance Rates

Apartment Owners Rates

If you own an apartment building or similar investment property then you know that rates may vary all across the board based on multiple factors. Some of these factors include the construction type. Is the building made of wood framing or is it a cement block or brick type construction? Safety features also can play a large role in the cost or premium for an apartment insurance policy. Does the structure have fire sprinklers? Is there a fire department in the vicinity and what type of brush exposure does the location have? All these factors make up what the rates are for apartment owners insurance policies. As your Apartment insurance expert, we can help you get the best possible rate by working with our underwriters and helping them understand the risk better.

Apartment Insurance rates are also largely affected by the amount of coverage someone has. We have seen many apartment owners with relatively low premiums but also underinsured to the point that they would not have sufficient coverage to rebuilt if they should have a total loss. Let us educate you on the property coverage that will best suite your property and situation. That’s why so many apartment owners have chosen www.apartmentinsuranceonline.com as their agent or broker.

Renters Insurance Rates

If you are renting a home or apartment one of the reasons you may have not previously purchased a renters insurance policy is the cost. More recently, the economy has been in shambles and that has left little extra money for things that aren’t an absolute necessity.. but imagine if one day you came home to an empty place. No clothes, dishes, computer etc. How would you overcome something financially crippling as that? Renters insurance IS a necessity but paying top dollar isnt. Let our team help you sift through the various policy options to help you get the right insurance. In most cases we can get a policy for less than two tickets and a soda at the movies. If you also consider getting your auto insurance with the same carrier you can normally take advantage of the auto / home discount! This alone could save you a nice sum on your auto insurance premiums!

Call us today for immediate help at 877-567-2886 or email us directly quote@apartmentinsuranceonline.com or better yet, simply go to our renter quote page or owner quote page and within minutes you can get a quote that you can purchase same day!

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