Renters Insurance Is An Absolute Must For Anyone Renting A Home Or Apartment

Whether you live in a single family home, duplex, townhome, condo, loft, studio or apartment, you need to have renters insurance to protect your belongings and your liability. In fact, many landlords now require tenants to purchase rental insurance when they sign a lease. The good news is that you can very easily buy affordable renters insurance policies online from the comfort of your home or office to find the best policy at the lowest price.

Property owners or landlords are required to hold homeowners coverage, which protects the actual structure of the house or apartment and the land it is located on. Most renters however, aren’t aware that all the personal property inside the home will only be covered if the tenant has a rental insurance policy.

If there was a flood, theft or fire in which the property and all the items inside the property were destroyed or stolen, the landlord would be covered for the property with the homeowner’s coverage policy but the items inside the home would be the responsibility of the renter. If the renter has a renter’s insurance policy, their valuables will be replaced if they carry full replacement coverage or the actual cash value if they so choose that option. In most cases for under $20 bucks a month, the renter would not have to go through the regrettable situation of losing everything they own!

Don’t delay or put off today what you have wanted to do for so long.. fill our online quote form and get the peace of mind you deserve and want.

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