Insuring Your Apartment

Insuring your Apartment

Most renters mistakenly assume their personal belongings are covered by the landlord and his/her insurance policy. The truth is that renters face possible financial disaster by not having a renters insurance to protect their contents and personal property.

The only way to protect their belongings is to purchase a low cost renters insurance policy from . Landlords protect their building for physical damage to the structure and renters purchase a policy to protect their own belongings such as electronics, furniture and clothes.

You could lose everything in a fire, stolen due to theft, or be sued for accidentally hurting someone. These claims happen every single day and all too often we hear the same thing, “I wish I would have purchased renters insurance!”

For less than $20 a month we can custom tailor a renter’s policy to protect against fire, theft, vandalism, and also offer personal liability protection. Most insurance companies also include discounts if you combine your renter’s insurance policy with your auto insurance and life insurance. Call us now for details.

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